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Tamara Sobomehin

Tamara Sobomehin is a PhD student at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, cross-specializing in Learning Sciences and Technology Design and Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education. Her research explores computer science and tech education, learning communities, material, ideational, and relational uses of technology, and joyful learning across home, school, and community. Tamara’s personal vision esteems the principle of Ujima - collective work and responsibility - and her work aims to advance social sustainability and restorative school design. She is a locally elected public official serving as a school district trustee for the Ravenswood City School District, and she is a co-founder of StreetCode Academy - an award-winning tech education organization with a mission to empower communities of color with the mindsets, skills, and access to participate in the innovation ecosystem. Tamara has a B.A. in Psychology from Stanford University and an M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Policy from The University of Texas at Arlington.