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Robert Wachtel Pronovost

Robert Wachtel Pronovost is a third-year doctoral student at the Stanford Graduate School of Education cross-specializing in Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD) and Curriculum and Teacher Education (CTE). He is in the inaugural cohort of Leadership for System-wide Inclusive Education (LSIE) scholars.

His interests center around maker-centered learning and technology integration in elementary schools for the benefit of all students. Through his research, teaching, and service, he aims to assist preservice and in-service teachers to support their students, especially historically marginalized populations of students, to discover their love of learning and to have exposure, access, and support to experiences that allow them to find their own definition of a successful, meaningful life. 

Robert has prior experience as an elementary and middle school classroom teacher, a district STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and curriculum and instruction (C&I) leader, and a county-wide maker education coordinator and STEAM (add Arts into the prior acronym) Center Director.